These are generic checklists of insurance products, with no sublistings or qualifications. These are not all-inclusive, and do not apply to all businesses. Use these with your agent or broker in determining your needs. (For details on individual items, use the search feature or site directory.)

Basics . . .Start-ups & very small businesses (Few or no employees, no manufacturing)

office & misc equipment, supplies, furniture/fixtures, computers (fire, theft etc),
inventory (fire, theft, etc)
business income (business interruption due to fire, etc.)
general liability/personal injury & products liability (includes legal defense)
Workers' Comp/Employer's liability (employees)

(Home-based businesses: Look for a Businessowner's Package limited to home-based businesses, as it will typically include all of the above except workers' comp at very low cost.)

Other Essentials . . .

Liability Insurance

Commercial auto/truck liability, medical payments, uninsured motorists
Liability Insurance for Non-owned & Hired (rented) vehicles
Professional Liability - Errors & Omissions Liability ("Malpractice")
Property in your care or custody - autos or other property of customers/others; consignments, etc. (Excepting vehicles, insurance may be included in fire/special form policies covering your own inventory & equipment)
Employment Practices Liability (Harassment, wrongful termination, other employer offenses not covered by workers' comp); Employee Benefit Liability (Errors in administering benefit plans)
Directors' & Officers' Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions Liability)
Advertising Liability (Often included with General Liability/Personal Injury policies)
Excess/Umbrella Liability (Increased insurance limits added to your general liability policy)
Intellectual Property Insurance (Trademark - Copyright Insurance. (Costly, hard to find)
Aircraft or watercraft (Planes or boats)
Liquor Liability (Sale, serving or distribution of alcohol)
Contractual Liability (Liability you may assume when you sign contracts - often included with general liability policies)
Independent Contractors (Liability for activities of independent contractors you hire - often included with general liability policies)
Pollution liability, clean-up costs (Costly, difficult to find)

Property Insurance / Physical Damage Insurance

Real property (Buildings) & Exterior Structures - (Fire, Theft, water damage, etc.)
Building Code Insurance (Demolition Costs, Residual Value Loss, Increased reconstruction cost to comply with codes - these may occur when you rebuild damaged property)
Tenant Improvements (Fire, Theft, Water Damage, etc.)
Plate Glass
Extra Expense Insurance
Property In Transit
Property at temporary or other non-owned locations, on exhibition
Property in course of construction; construction materials/equipment
Property with Salesmen or on consignment
Machinery Breakdown
Spoilage on perishables (Food & Beverage)
Valuable papers/Records-Drawings
Fire, Theft, Collision & Misc damage to Vehicles, Mobile Equipment, etc.
Earthquake and/or Flood Insurance
E-commerce Insurance (disruptions, denial-of-service, ID thefts, etc.)

Crime Insurance

Employee Dishonesty (Employee Thefts)
Money & Securities
Safe Burglary
Extortion Forgery
Counterfeit Currency
Kidnap/Ransom Insurance


License & Permit Bonds
Sales Tax Bonds
Employee Benefit Plan Bonds (ERISA Bonds)

Employee Group Insurance



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