There are numerous informational sites containing explanations, definitions and advice. Given the current state of managed care and the literally frightening near term prospects, the Oracle has very simple advice: Don't get sick, whatever you do.  Here are links:

good glossary of medicare-related terms, etc
consumer health insurance guide; faq's

knowledge base for all aspects of health insurance; list of dictionaries, references

Comprehensive information site & quotes.

The bureaucrats fiddle with this link address about as often as they change the regulations - which is a lot, so be forewarned it only succeeds occasionally. If it works, this will get you to the Dept of Labor site and you can search & download regulations from there. The private services & sites may be much easier to use.

Private service providing information, compliance outsourcing

Another compliance service with information & updates

Health Insurance Resource Ctr
Health insurance glossary

Insure Kids Now
Low-cost & free kids' health insurance

Low Cost California Maternity & Newborn Insurance
State-sponsored maternity & newborn medical. When this site comes
up, click on the AIM ("Access for Infants & Mothers.")


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