The number of major, unrelated insurance carriers actively offering group medical insurance can almost be counted on one hand.   Consolidations, withdrawals, and outright failures have steadily reduced the number of players.   The following are insurance companies known to have significant market share, and currently offering employer group medical coverage. These carriers also market under various subsidiary or associated company names and may participate in integrated regional or intrastate programs which offer several different carriers under a single underwriting/administrative platform.

Active Carriers:

Aetna Insurance Company
Blue Cross - Anthem-Wellpoint-Blue Shield
Universal Care

There are other smaller insurers offering group medical products at any given time.      

A good source for geographic listings of active carriers is the NCQA, a private accrediting agency which publishes listings and other detail. Click on "Report Cards" at the NCQA site, follow the menu & select "Create Report Card," to create the list for your zip code.


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