If your business relies on the internet for even the simplest tasks, new risks are posed, many of which are still not anticipated by the ordinary property & liability policies currently in use. Given that the Internet is the lifeblood for many, insurers now offer specialty packages which include cyber-generated exposures:

Security Beaches: Unauthorized access to or use of your data or software
Cyber Vandalism Viruses or other attacks damaging/destroying data or systems
Business Interruption Attacks resulting in your inability to perform or access ebusiness activities
Personal Injury Libel, slander, public disclosure of private information
Thefts Money, securities, data, software or other property
Extortion Demands for payments to withdraw or withhold attacks.
Financial Claims Claims for identity thefts & associated money losses
Intellectual Property Loss Destruction or loss of intangible software & data.
Intellectual Property Liability Claims for intellectual property infringements

Loss from any of these causes in sufficient amount could pose life-threatening impairment to your continuing operations. If you face substantial risks in these areas, the specialty packages are essential.



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