Protection warranties are for the insurance underwriters, not you.

As the name implies, a protection warranty is your guarantee to the underwriters that your property has the benefit of a particular protective system - a fire sprinkler system, a burglar alarm, a watchman or guard service, a smoke detection system, a data back-up system, cargo vehicle locks, or some other risk-reducing feature.

Since your insurance is usually priced with a healthy premium reduction in return for the warranty, policies will partially or entirely void your insurance while the protection is discontinued without prior underwriter approval.  This can be disastrous if, for example, you shut down fire sprinklers while you're in the middle of remodeling or other repairs.  If you've warranted a fire sprinkler system & your property burns while it's shut down, you get nothing.

These warranties are legally very sound and enforceable. Your pleading of ignorance won't work. Unfortunately, your property may be at greatest risk while you're undergoing remodeling or other modifications which make it more vulnerable. Never discontinue a protective system or service without checking this.

Policies should be read & agents asked about protection warranties.


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